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Chemistry is core to Lysis Pharma. We continue our commitment to using standard and advanced chemical technologies to deliver APIs and intermediates to our customers. Our process development teams are experts in optimizing the selected synthesis route. And our experience and track record in advancing thousands of molecules demonstrates leadership across an extensive range of chemical product platforms and technologies.

Integrated chemistry expertise for small molecules

We also support reactions under special conditions inclusive of low-temperatures, high temperatures and high pressures.

Synthesis of potent and highly potent intermediates and APIs are fully supported by Lysis Pharma. We provide HPAPI and ADC payload development services across all standard chemical reactions for highly potent applications to 1 ng/m³. Our kilo-lab has full capabilities in sample preparation, ISO and cGMP production for feasibility and early phase clinical projects.

Chemical synthesis technologies are fully supported with extensive process development and intensification. Complementary capabilities in particle engineering – jet milling, spray drying or hot melt extrusion – are employed to prepare drug compounds for formulation to target product profiles.

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